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Become part of a lineage of both prestigious traditional and modern Yoga masters. This is a Hatha Vinyasa education; Vinyasa being the most popular style of dynamic practice in the country, and Hatha being a broad and all-encompassing style that will afford you the ability to go on and teach most styles of Yoga class once qualified.

Meet the Yoga Collective London teacher training faculty:

Laura PearceAsana, Philosophy, Psychology, breathwork, course co-ordinator @LauraPearceUK

Founder of Yoga Collective London, and Kin Yoga Mats, Laura initially studied at the prestigious Sivananda Hatha Yoga centre in India, and has since specialized in Vinyasa, and Anusara, as well as extensive breathwork and meditation training. She is a Yoga Alliance registered Senior Yoga teacher, and positive Psychologist with over 12 years of teaching experience from high profile corporate and celebrity clients to London members clubs, gyms and studios. She has a diverse range of experience in different aspects of the Yoga industry. Laura is an easy-going and fun-loving Yogi, who’s dedicated to helping you carve out your own unique niche in this world.

Zaz GrumbarAsana, sequencing, teaching practices, course co-ordinator @YogaWithZaz

Zaz has over 20 years experience in the Yoga world and is trained in Ashtanga, Power, Iyengar, Hatha, Mandala and Thai Yoga massage. She came to her practice from a motorcycle injury, and has since rebuilt her physical health and developed strong and fiery practice. She has taught at some of London’s top studios, at world renowned wellness festivals, and has also worked as diversity manager at Indaba in west London. Zaz will help you dive deep into your Asana practice, helping you understand the intricacies of advanced postures, and how to mould the body into a strong and stable vessel. She is passionate about building your practice and your confidence, and helping you achieve what you might never have thought possible.

Kathy RichardsonAnatomy Training @Kathy_Richardson

Kathy is a bodyworker, masseuse, professional dancer and creator of ‘Dance Flow’ Yoga; a beautiful expression of creative movement. Her boundless knowledge of the body, and creative outlook make her anatomy classes unique, easy to follow, and genuinely fascinating.

Kathy has recently left her role as head of recruitment and anatomy training for London’s largest Yoga studio company to pursue a wild and wonderful life running retreats in the jungles of Costa Rica. Kathy has taught at some of London’s most prestigious studios and has experience with high-profile corporates. She brings a wealth of knowledge to this course.

Donna NobleInclusivity Training @DonnaNobleYoga

The ultimate voice on diversity and inclusivity in Yoga, Donna is an author, social media star and GB wellbeing coach whose ethos and knowledge is both inspiring and absolutely vital for anyone about to embark upon this Yoga teaching path. She’ll help you learn how to create a truly inclusive and safe space for your clients.

Her book ‘Teaching body positive Yoga’ is on the list of many prominent Yoga teacher training curriculums and is a must-read for any aspiring Yoga teacher.

Roisin Hope – Your biggest cheerleader @ConcreteJungleYoga

Roisin has managed to carve out a solid niche for herself in the Yoga world in very little time. She is the resident Yogi for Davina Mcall’s fitness app, ambassador for top wellness brands, and regular retreat provider. She has built a thriving online platform and is the expert on cultivating community. She also happens to be one of the loveliest humans on the planet, and is the person to turn to whenever nerves, fatigue, disillusion or imposter syndrome set in.

Think of Roisin as your course counsellor; she’s dedicated to helping you find your voice, and your community in your new Yoga teaching life.

Helena PavittMarketing, branding, soul searching and voice finding.

Helena is a senior executive marketing manager and has managed global content for Samsung, creative content for Amazon, and is now a senior marketing manager for Playstation. She also develops award-winning marketing courses for anyone seeking to expand their reach in any industry, and importantly, at any budget.

We are the only Yoga Teacher Training in the UK with a dedicated high-profile marketing superpower on the faculty. With Helena you will learn invaluable and transferable life skills that will help you thrive in all aspects of life, as well as helping you build a genuinely sustainable Yoga business.

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