30 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Collective London 30 hrs Advanced Yoga Instructor Training – Abundance in Your Teaching.

Included in this course

Yoga Business & Finding Your Voice

Being a yoga teacher is a passion and calling, where we invest not only our hearts, souls, bodies and minds…. but also our time and finances. There is a way for it to give back practically as well as soulfully, with abundance in a multitude of ways.

Completing your yoga teacher training is the first step along the road of a journey in following your passion and calling. Teaching yoga however is more than simply showing up and standing in front of a class. For many of us, it is a business as well as our vocation. However long ago you may have done your teacher training, there is one key reality – to continue teaching from a full cup, you need to have an abundant life in order to thrive, and this advanced teacher training aims to fill a huge gap of knowledge that is so often not fully offered in many teacher trainings.

This 30 hour (Yoga Alliance hours registered) yoga teacher training module is part of a 200hr training, yet is offered as a separate module for teachers who have already completed their initial 200hr (or further) training. As yoga teachers with over 40 years collectively of experience, we recognise that so much more is needed as a modern yoga teacher to thrive in today’s world.

You will learn transferable and applicable skills below –

How to find your voice as a teacher – Finding your voice, and your brand, on and off the mat, and how to use it to your advantage to better serve your community.

Yoga business & marketing – including how to determine your client, how to diversify, pricing, networking, low-cost advertising, and more.

Corporate classes – how to approach businesses to offer wellbeing to their employees & best practice for corporate wellness.

Social media – how to navigate and utilise social media.

And a host of crucial additional skills (including awareness of tax, accountancy, graphic design etc.), all delivered by business professionals and experienced full-time Yoga teachers, who have trodden this path and can help you FLY!

Advanced Yoga teacher training

As a yoga teacher in the modern world, you juggle many roles, constantly pouring your heart and soul into your classes, to uplift and guide students. Living a life of abundance will allow you to continue to do your work intelligently, connect and offer yoga to more people who need you, and avoid burnout. The total course content is valued at £1350 – you pay £480.

Click below to book (please note that we would ask you to please also send us a message to confirm your original YTT qualification and school).

Dates & Overview

All sessions are livestreamed via Zoom except Sat 3rd June which is a full day in person @ The Glasshouse Studio W6.

Full days – Sun 7th May, Sat Jun 3rd

Half days – Sat 27th May, Sun 28th May, Sun 4th Jun

Please not dates may change slightly. We will ask for one small piece of practical ‘homework’ only to help you deepen your understanding, there is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ requirements, all participants will collect 30hrs as long as the sessions are attended.