FAQs… and if you have any other questions, please contact us.

We know that choosing your 200hr yoga teacher training may be a big decision… perhaps these frequently asked questions may help… and if you have any other questions, you are more than welcome to contact us. Simply click here.

FAQs – how can we help you?

Cost is a bit of an issue… would I be able to pay for the course in installments? Yes! We offer the option to pay a deposit up front to secure your place for the 200hr course , and then the remainder either in installments, or in one lump sum. There is also an early bird discounted price. As an independent collective of instructors, we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market for this level of education.

It’s a big time commitment, what happens if I miss a session? To qualify at least 80% of the sessions need to be completed. The vast majority of the sessions will be filmed however, so you can catch up online, or if you need teacher support, that’s an option too. There is a cost of £100 per hour for catch-up sessions with a teacher, which can be shared if more than one person needs to catch up at £50 per person per hour.

What qualification do I get at the end? This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is registered through Yoga Alliance UK, and you will receive an internationally recognised RYT (Recognised Yoga Teacher) certificate at the end! The 30hour Advanced Teacher Training will also be recognised by Yoga Alliance, and goes towards your continual CPD as a yoga teacher.

Are the sessions all in person or on Zoom? We know that lives are busy, so the course will be a mixture of in-person and online. All of the sessions will be live, set to GMT timing. In person sessions will be held at the beautiful London Glasshouse Studio location in Ravenscourt Park W6, and online sessions via Zoom, so you can do them from wherever you need to!

Are there any scholarship opportunities? Yes, we offer 2 places per training as 50% priced scholarship places, and want to ensure that this training is accessible to anyone who may find it a bit of a struggle to afford. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Do you offer specific BIPOC scholarships? We absolutely support equity and inclusivity in the yoga space, and we include BIPOC scholarships within the above.

Can I choose to do some modules and not others? If you’re already a 200hr TT qualified teacher, then we offer certain modules separately as part of the 30hour Advanced Teacher Training to support your growth as a yoga teacher. Otherwise, all modules need to be completed to qualify. The training is designed to take our students more deeply into their understanding of yoga, to fully prepare you to fly as a teacher, and to provide you with tools for use throughout your life.

What if I’m not super advanced in my yoga practice – can I be a yoga teacher? Yes! You don’t need to do a one-handed handstand with your leg behind your head to be a yoga teacher! You will be all the more relatable to your students, and ultimately, your teaching is about your approach to the students, not how advanced your own physical practice is. We do ask for applicants to this course to demonstrate that they have been practicing for at least 2 years, to show a level of commitment, and know that you will evolve not only during this course, but also for the continuation of your yoga practice and teaching!

Can I do this course if I love yoga but I don’t necessarily want to be a yoga teacher? Yes, you can – many people choose to do a yoga teacher training in order to deepen their practice, and this course will certainly offer this, as well as valuable transferable tools that can be used outside of yoga teaching.

Who are the teachers on this course? The course is led by Laura Pearce and Zarouhi “Zaz” Grumbar, who are both experienced Senior Yoga Teachers and Yoga Alliance registered Yoga trainors. They will be your teachers for Asana, Sequencing, Philosophy, Meditation and Pranayama. Additionally, we have Kath Richardson, delivering contextual yoga anatomy, Donna Noble leading Inclusivity Training, Helena Pavitt lifting the lid on Business and Marketing, and Roisin Hope as course counsellor and cheerleader. See more detail on each of the teachers here

I’m nervous about actually teaching – will I gain some experience? Our intention is to provide you not only with an understanding of postures and history, but also to arm you with the tools to develop as a teacher. You’ll teach to your fellow students regularly, and be encouraged to take opportunities we will offer you to teach public classes at the Glasshouse, and also online.

Have more questions? We are all ears – please don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the contact page here



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